mars 25, 2013


Finally got around to blogging my wedding faves.
Now all I have to do is give the page a complete makeover.
Embarrasing really...

mars 16, 2013


"I got it?" I asked dumbfounded when he called. And then I asked the same thing again, just to be sure.

It was freezing. My fingers were numb. My brain felt numb too. "Yes", the voice on the other end said. "We'd love to have you." Afterwards, when I put the phone back in my pocket, I started to laugh hysterically. I just stood there. In the middle of street. Laughing like a madman. Wondering how the hell this happened.

So. I'm moving to Dublin for a while. To intern at an ad agency. And I need a place to stay. Any ideas?

Update: Shit just got real.

mars 01, 2013


No, let me rephrase. I need to show you something. Maybe it won't make sense to you. Maybe you'll think that it's just weird. But I did this for me. I understand it. And that's all that matters.


februari 24, 2013


What if people think I'm trying to ridicule something that I actually feel very strongly for, I thought while my sister was jumping around in the t-shirt I've designed for the Pink Ribbon campaign. I looked at it. Nothing about courage and keep strong, you can do this, survive. It's not exactly a t-shirt that screams breast cancer awareness. Why didn't I choose something a little more... I dunno... cancer related? A pink heart maybe? Sure. I could have done that. Thing is, cancer is an awful disease that takes many lives way too soon. There's nothing beautiful and angelic over it. It's a shitty shitty thing that destroys lives. Yeah. I could have chosen a rose or something. Written KEEP STRONG AND CARRY ON underneath it. 

I chose a unicorn.

Because, honestly, I just wanted... something else.

You can buy it here.  

Tee in pics is a size medium

februari 10, 2013


- Hey blog.
- Hello.
- It's been a while.
- Sure has.
- Um. Yeah.
- So...
- So.
- This is awkward.

OK. Yeah. I know. Its been like... forever I guess. A long time. I could give you all sorts of reasons as to why I stopped posting. Go on and on and on. Or I could just show you. And no, I don't expect you to spread it. I would be forever grateful, but I'm not counting on it.

oktober 12, 2012


Scones, hallonmarmelad, vegan cream cheese naturell (vidrig)
Scones, raspberry jam, vegan cream cheese (disgusting)

Jag testade en veganspread med smak av basilika för ett par veckor sedan - den var jättegod på rostat bröd. Den här var bara.... vedervärdig. I alla fall kombinerat med sylt.

I tried a vegan spread (basil) a couple of weeks ago on toast. Tasted great. Today I tried a no flavour spread. I thought that, combined with jam, it would taste just like the real deal (as in actual cream cheese). Ehm. No.